Zumba Rules the Roost

How life has changed over the last 4 years.  Firstly (and most importantly!), I gained a son. Why did nobody warn me about boys though?!  So so different to my calm, gracious, charming daughter.  Boys bounce.  Boys fight.  Boys love Power Rangers.  And my boy is stubborn as a mule.  But you know what, I wouldn’t have him any other way.  He is totally and utterly gorgeous (and apparently looks very like his mother!).

Anyway, after my son, came zumba.  I stumbled on it by chance when the teacher of my salsa aerobic class took ill (thankfully) and the class was replaced with a zumba class.  What the hell was that, I asked the instructor afterwards.  And so began my zumba journey.  It’s been my saving grace and I have zumba to thank for my weight loss, my boundless energy and impressive fitness level (I’m an old bird you know) and my rock hard thighs!  I’m so obsessed that I qualified to teach it (although I enjoy classes far too much to ever teach!) and my forthcoming hen night will commence with a zumba class!  I now sacrifice evenings on the sofa with my kids and my beloved plus a glass of red to go out in the snow all because of zumba.  I’ve made a whole new circle of friends.  Trust me, try it.

Thirdly, I jumped from the safety of a good permanent job with a huge global company into the unknown …. the world of self-employment.  This year I’m not setting myself any huge targets.  I have one child still at home, home improvements on the agenda and a wedding to plan.  Targets can wait until September.  After September, watch out.  JomyPA is out to get you, yes you with the small business, you without a social media presence, you with a paper calendar and diary and you, especially you, who is so busy with clients that you can’t see that your business is stagnating and that you are wasting valuable time (and money) on tasks that could be outsourced.

Happy weekend all, have a good one.


(Originally published 22 March 2013)

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