JomyPA specialises in providing first class PA services, with over 20 years experience, on a “pay as you go” basis.

Not everybody wants or can afford the luxury of a full-time PA and the associated costs and commitment.

Why not take the plunge and outsource your admin to a highly experienced PA based in the North East of England? You will receive a first class PA service at hourly rates, benefitting from substantial cost savings without a drop in the level of service.

JomyPA is owned and run by Jo Tompkins who, as mentioned, has extensive experience in senior PA roles in a variety of sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, IT, education, telecommunications and local government.

For more detail on the type of work she has performed and an overview of her skills, please see the Testimonials Page.

As our overheads are low, we offer extremely competitive rates including the option of charging by the hour. Please see our Money page for more detail on available payment options.


“Work was always completed on time and to a high standard, a great service all round” - Mark Adamson, President & CEO, Formica Corporation

“Overall, Jo is a fantastic PA and would be an asset to anyone looking for 100% reliable, high quality PA support” - Pete O’Hara, Director of Business Services, NCFE