Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

I still can’t believe I’m getting married soon.  It has been one very long wait.  18 long years to be precise.  I’m still confused as to why he caved in after so many years.  I’d like to think it’s because he is still smitten and thinks I get better as the years go by (yeah right), however I suspect it has more to do with the financial/legal side of things plus he’s sick of me banging on about it, year in year out!

My marriage proposal was very modern.  Feb 29th 2012, via Face Book.  Oh so unromantic.  But he never checks Face Book, I didn’t dream he would see it.  I admit to complete shock and a little bit of horror when he responded, I confess that I even started doubting myself and my reasons after so many happy years of un-married-ness.

I’m so chuffed for my kids.  My daughter has never been a bridesmaid and there’s little chance of it happening any time soon unless – of course – she is bridesmaid at her own mum and dad’s wedding.  We’ve pushed the boat out for her, a stunning dress is currently being made in the US for her.  I know she will look fantastic but she’d better not steal my thunder.  As for me, I have shocked myself at my choice of dress.   But I love it and I hope hubby and my friends and family do too.   At least I hope they say they do!

So – back to planning a (my) wedding.  Well, as you may have noticed, I am a natural born organiser (aka bossy boots).  No way is anybody else going to be my wedding planner!  Not on your nelly.  This virtual assistant is relishing the role (but starting to panic a little as the  weeks fly by).  I admit I’m a fusspot and am probably starting to show bridezilla tendencies.  My poor cousin is in charge of organising my hen party.  Well, she would be if I would let her.

Every event planner needs a spread sheet and what better source than the Goddess of Spread Sheets.  How convenient too that the Goddess of Spread Sheets got married late last year!  Anyway, I have taken hers and made it my own (thank you, you know who you are).  Excel spread sheets are marvelous things, mine is colour coded and has a separate sheet for every element of the wedding from costings to clothes and a month by month timeline right through to logistics on the actual day.  Now the big day is getting closer, red items are starting to turn amber – or better still, green.

I started my planning way back in February last year.  The only request from the hubster was that everything was in one location.  That narrowed it down considerably as we didn’t want a flash hotel and the inevitable large costs.  Nor did we want a formal sit down wedding breakfast.  We hunted high and low on Google until we found our dream venue.  It has everything we need and more.  If the sun is shining it will be stunning.  If it’s not, the Prosecco will ease the pain!  The kids will be able to play outside and parents can prop up the bar.  It should be an amazing day and I can’t wait to share it with loved ones.

As the time has slipped by, I have tried to tick something off my list each month. It has worked.  I have sourced everything myself – there are loads of great local businesses out there gagging to help you out.  A friend with a graphic design business has done the invites (Anchor Point Design) and another friend with a  cake business is making the cake (Crumble and Co). My tiara is from a local jeweller (By Gina), as is my ring and the flowers will come from the local florist just a couple of days before.  No hairdresser or make up artist on the day – I’ll practise these myself with a couple of lessons from experts. We are even doing our own music (this has been a bit of a project in itself if truth be told) and have bought our own disco lights.  The food will be simple but so appropriate for a summer’s evening.

Thanks to my own organising and sourcing, we have saved ourselves thousands on the wedding.  I have loved every minute of it and would happily do it all again – for someone else of course……

Bring it on!




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