Virtual Assistant versus Virtual Personal Assistant

With so many virtual assistants out there, how do you choose the right one for you and your business?

Surely the main factor is whether they can match your business needs.   You may have spent years building up your business and reputation, why on earth would you then waste valuable time doing tasks that can be outsourced – freeing up your time to increase your turnover.  Remember, your time is money.

A word of caution is needed however: there are a lot of virtual assistants out there and most are very capable.  But think about what you really need.  Have a look through a selection of virtual assistant websites – you’ll probably find that most of them offer just about every admin service under the sun.

That’s where we are different.  We offer a virtual Personal Assistant service and that’s quite unusual in the North East.  Add to that more than 20 years experience in a multitude of industries, not many Virtual Assistants can lay claim to that sort of experience.  Finally add in global experience, well you’ve found yourself a rare breed of virtual assistant – a virtual Personal Assistant operating at an executive level.

Yes, you may end up having to pay a bit more for that specialist support, but boy will the investment be worthwhile.  You’ll have your very own Personal Assistant at your disposal at a fraction of the cost of a permanent member of staff.  Your stress levels will reduce and your “me” time will increase.

So, if your company is growing rapidly and you’re struggling to cope with an expanding team, increased service offerings or you want to start reaching out into overseas markets, give us a shout.  We can help you – you only need to check out our testimonials to see proof of our experience and credentials.

You know it makes sense.

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