Too much to do, too little time

I would never have dreamed this time last year that my long term ambition to be my own boss would turn into a reality.  I’d explored a few ideas but kept coming back to the same thing – a virtual PA.  After all, if anybody can do it, I can (or so I keep telling myself).  I’ve worked in admin/PA roles for 23 years – starting out as a Senior Secretary, then on to become an Executive Assistant for some high fliers and top execs and – most recently a Communications Officer.  I’ve worked in the North East but also overseas.  I’ve worked in manufacturing but also education.  I’ve worked for some real idiots (not naming) and some really amazing people.  I’ve hated some jobs and loved others.  The list goes on but you get the gist.  Lots of experience and all of it relevant.  The only thing stopping me is an ignorance of all matters tax and all matters technical but that’s where I am prepared to get the hired help in!

Diary Management Services by Jo My PAI’m very lucky. I have a supportive husband (to be), a decent handshake from my employer and perfect timing.  With the youngest in his pre-school year that should give me every afternoon to work. Only it doesn’t.  My 2.5 hours of intended work each afternoon turn into 1 hour after I have tidied away the lunch things, prepared dinner, tidied up the toys, put away the washing and done the supermarket shop.   And I have so much to fit into that 1 hour – endless threads to follow on face book, keeping up with networking, Tweeting, my own research, website updates, the list is endless.  Sadly, none of these bring in any income, but I know they will be worthwhile.

And of course the lovely handshake is long gone, we have a lovely new kitchen and bathroom though.

So September is the new April (perhaps we will see an Indian Summer ….).  The youngest starts school and I am a little bit too excited at that prospect!  6 hours to myself.  Yes that’s right, 6 hours for me.  Now that is when the real work will begin but for now I am enjoying time with my son, building the foundations for my business and trying to enjoy the run up to my (long-awaited) wedding.

Cheers everybody, the sun is shining, the playground beckons!


(Originally published 3 April 2013)

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