The Return of the Executive PA’s Blog!

It’s been way too long since my last blog I’m ashamed to say.  Especially for someone who harps on about the need to blog consistently.  You can’t see it, but I am eating my words.  So for this Executive Assistant’s final blog of 2013 I thought I would look back on my achievements during 2013.

On the personal front, I finally became a Mrs.  Those who know me personally know this is a great achievement as I have been waiting a very long time.  He finally caved.  I can’t say it feels any different but it does feel odd saying “my husband” after all this time.  We had the best day of our lives, made all the better by the fact both kids were there to witness it and old enough to enjoy and remember it.

On the work front, I’m pleased to say that I’ve seen an increase in demand for my services recently.  My client base has expanded slowly but surely.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am confident I will be this time next year.  Colleagues tell me I am doing all the right things, it takes time to build a successful business and that good clients are worth the wait.

As the year has gone by, a couple of things have really impacted on the way I operate.  Firstly,  Social Media.  Wow.  I never realised what an essential marketing platform this is.  I’m really rather savvy now.  Key achievement for me has been the huge learning curve – I now feel confident enough to pass on my knowledge to others. My favourite platform is Linked In – it suits my professional background and my business.  The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  Choose your platform(s) carefully and be consistent.  Secondly,  the power of networking never ceases to amaze me.  Key achievement is that my name is now known out there in relevant circles.   I even got nominated for the 2013  Super Star Awards. Networking can lead to new business but – for me – it has brought together a wonderful group of like-minded ladies who I now consider friends.

My final achievement worth mentioning (according to my husband) is the invention of the Cauliflower Cheese Pie.  I won’t say more than that but the recipe is like gold dust and I think I might patent it.  If you can patent recipes?

Looking forward to 2014 I’m going to focus on what I am best at.  Writing business documentation from tweets and blogs to grant applications to correspondence.  Years and years of doing this on behalf of Chief Execs and Senior Managers mean I have a way with words that conveys professionalism with a personal  touch if needed.  Feedback from current clients has been fantastic.  Never undervalue a well-written proposal – it can mean the difference between getting that job/contract/grant and not getting it.

Signing off for 2013.  Farewell, Happy Christmas, Au Revoir, see you in 2014.


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