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So, it’s finally happened.  Your business is taking off and you need to start exploring overseas markets.

As you’re in the early stages of growth, it’s too soon to invest in a permanent PA.  Your office junior is struggling to cope with the increased workload and you’re worried you are going to lose out on overseas business.  Help is at hand.  Hire yourself a “pay as you go” PA and you’ll never look  back.

Imagine the daunting task of arranging an overseas trade mission – not to mention the time you’ll waste which could have been spent on your core activities.  You want the best travel deals, the best accommodation for your budget, you’ll want guidance and maps for the location, you’ll want to know where you need to be and when and how you’re going to get there.  Before you travel, you’ll need to prepare high quality documentation such as power points and business proposals.  Whilst en route, and once you arrive, you’ll want access to your calendar, access to your emails and – finally – the knowledge that somebody you trust is holding the fort whilst you are away.  By working alongside ETC, JomyPA can offer all of the above and more.

JoMyPA works with  Executive Travel Consultants to bring you seamless Diary and Travel Management.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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